Azilen Opens a Dedicated Product Development Center in Mumbai

The dedicated research and development center for evolving technologies is anticipated to be in line with Azilen's next level growth strategy.

Azilen Technologies, the Ahmedabad based global technology consulting and product engineering company has started its complement development center in Mumbai in September 2017.

“Our major objective for this expansion is to serve our Europe and U.S. clients better with highly skilled human resources. Additionally, the new office will widen up our physical presence footprints and support our next level growth strategy. Mumbai and Ahmedabad are very well-connected. Mumbai and Ahmedabad are very well- connected. Less than an hour flight of distance makes us feel like the Mumbai office is just a couple of blocks away, and the teams of both offices can collaborate well,” said Mr. Arvind Kugasia, VP – Engineering & Solutions of Azilen Technologies.

Known for its techie spirit, Azilen always believed in keeping the pace with time and rapid development of several technologies in the last few years has lifted its adaptive caliber to a remarkable level. Hence, a dedicated product development and research center exclusively working over the latest evolving technologies sounded a logical move. 

With its strategic presence in Belgium and U.S., Azilen has been manifesting its worth as a potential technology partner for several globally leading organizations. Its Mumbai expansion is anticipated to be a long term strategic move to support its global client base.  

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About Azilen Technologies:

Azilen is one of the leading Information Technology and Product Engineering company with the vision of Translating Technologies into Customer Value Creation. Azilen has transpired as a very stalwart technology partner associated with many esteemed organizations.

Source: Azilen Technologies LLC


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